How Our Panty Subscription Service Works



What is a Panty by Post Subscription?+
PBP is a monthly subscription to receive a pretty panty in the mail. It's a gift for yourself or a friend. The panty comes in a beautiful package and it's different every month. We have three subscriptions to choose from (Basics, Signature, Premium, Naughty but Nice and Matching Sets) and Men's and Gift Shop.
What are your shipping times?+
All US boxes ship on the 13th of each month via USPS and take about 4 days. 
We ship Canadian and International boxes via regular post on the day of the order. Delivery times may vary and could take up for 3 weeks depending on the country. 
Is shipping free?+
Shipping is free for North America! It's only $5 per panty for International addresses.
Can I get my subscription delivered on MY schedule?+
Yes, email us your order and the dates you'd like the panties to arrive. For example: for a birthday or holiday.
Can I buy a gift certificate?+
Yes. Email us at or call us for a personalized electronic gift certificate. It's the perfect last minute gift!
What is the difference between the Premium and Signature line?+
The Premium Luxe line is a high end fashion line with some hand sewn details and European fabrics. Our Signature line is a playful, sexy mix of colorful designs and fashionable looks.
Can I get my package sent by Express Post or Fed Ex?+
Yes, we are happy to make special arrangements to express your package. There will be a small fee for this shipping service upgrade.
Can I get a refund or make a return on a panty?+
We accept returns. Just email us and we'll solve the issue immediately.
Can I choose the panties or do you?+
We welcome requests. Just email us if you have specific panties you'd like.
How do I pick the size? Do you have European sizes?+
Visit our size chart on our home page for a complete size guide and tips.
Do you sell plus sizes?+
Yes, we offer plus sizes in our Basics & Signature subscriptions, plus our Panties & More store.
Can I write notes to go with each panty of the month?+
Yes! Please email us your list of messages for each month. For example: January- I love you. February- Will you marry me?
Can I order a bunch of men's briefs?+
Yes. Just email us to request a bigger package (no pun intended!) or select a larger quantity in our shop.
Can I get my package in a plain envelope?+
Yes, please email us to make arrangements for an unmarked envelope for complete privacy.
I would like different panty styles, not just one.+
On our shop, you select panty size and styles (surprise me or thong only). If you would like something different from the options provided, please email us your request. We are happy to offer you the perfect mix! For example, you may want mix (no thongs) mostly, but you perhaps want to sample a thong or two. Just email us.
What's the best deal?+
Your best savings is on any 12 month subscription that you pay for one time.

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